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#0704: Blowing Kisses Through the Floor Vents

Original Air Date: 01.27.2007
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A tire with a special fragrance? You bet - and it's coming to a store near you.

Call 1

Christy Anderson (Sitka, Alaska) - 1986 Volvo 740


Call 2

David Cobler (Ypsilanti, Michigan) - 2003 Honda Civic

A heating/cooling/animals question. His mom left a bowl of Hershey

Call 3

Jen Strawbridge (Arlington, Virginia) - 2001 Subaru Outback

An exhaust-and-animals question. She has a rattling noise in the exhaust system. Took it to the dealer and they found two dead rats in the car. The dealer now says the car is fine, but she continues to have a

Call 4

Larry Blumenfeld (New York, New York) - 1997 Saab 9-7X


Call 5

Megan Libbey (, ) - 1994 MINI Cooper


Call 6

Jody Frasier (, California) - 1996 Toyota RAV4

A heating/ cooling question. She mixed radiator fluid, mixing red and green. She was told this will mess up her car's cooling system. Is that true?

Call 7

Brad Tamler (Monterey, California) - Chrysler Sebring

A buying question. He used to drive a Cadillac convertible with a large trunk. He wants to replace it with another convertible with a real trunk. He

Call 8

Anne Watson (Arlington, Virginia)