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#0708: Memories of Our Pal Vito

Original Air Date: 02.24.2007
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share stories about their departed pal, Vito.

Call 1

Rachel Calderon (Monroe, Louisiana) - 1995 Honda Accord

An ignition question. Her key gets stuck in ignition and she can

Call 2

Rich Greenway (Shelbyville, Kentucky) - 2003 Ford Taurus

A body/heating/cool question. His wedding band was on top of the dashboard, and fell into the abyss. Easy way to get up behind the dashboard. Rich blames us since he was listening to CT when it happened.

Call 3

Sharon Spector (Baltimore, Maryland)

fuel.... several mechanics told cousin that she should only use one brand of gasoline. Myth or not? Tom says, "BOGUS."

Call 4

Luis Roualt (, California) - 1997 Mazda Miata MX-5

An engine and oil grade question. It

Call 5

Mara Matteson (, New Mexico) - 2006 Toyota Prius


Call 6

Nick Nocera (Northampton, Massachusetts) - 1996 Volkswagen Jetta

17 year old. Electrical. Tried to put TV and XBox in back seat. blew out electrical system, lock system doesn

Call 7

Spencer Hauser (Portland, Oregon) - Toyota Sienna

A transaxle question. Dealership said it needs a new transaxle. It