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#0709: Shark-Infested Highways of the Windy City

Original Air Date: 03.03.2007
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Like pop music? You just may be demented. Tommy shares an important new research finding.

Call 1

Patricia Marucci (, Oregon)

She gets a huge puff of black smoke when she starts the Rambler, and there is a big black spot in her parking space. What's the cause?

Call 2

Jamie Thompson (, New York) - Mazda

An engine problem. Two spark plugs flew out of the engine. Is there something else wrong, besides the spark plugs?

Call 3

Bernadette Brinko (, New Jersey) - 1991 Chevrolet Cavalier

A transmission question When it

Call 4

Taz (San Francisco, California) - 1999 Jeep Cherokee

Why is the steering on her four-wheel drive so hard to turn?

Call 5

Andrea Larson (, Pennsylvania) - 1992 Honda Accord

About the defroster...why can

Call 6

Dan (Chicago, Illinois) - 1992 Toyota Tercel

An aerodynamics question. Dan sculpted a dorsal fin and put it on top of his car. Will it affect the safety and aerodynamics?

Call 7

Randi Beach (, California) - 1994 Volvo 850

Randi's got a golf ball stuck in the boards. She hears it everytime she makes a turn or stops short. No mechanics can figure out how to get it out.

Call 8

Larry Sapadin (, New York) - 1993 Subaru Legacy

An engine question. After an hour of driving, the car vibrates and shudders. It only happens with acceleration. Diesels out and stops when foot on brakes. Lasts 40 minutes then it

Call 9

Mary Rawson Foreman (Santa Barbara, California) - 1996 Volvo 850

A brakes-- and relationship-- question. A friend and suitor has offered to fix her rotors for free- should she let him?