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#0710: In Search of Rich's Ring

Original Air Date: 03.10.2007
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Tom and Ray share some important medical news: how napping at work can save your life.

Call 1

Julia May (, Minnesota) - 1993 Toyota Corolla

A transmission question. She

Call 2

Ryan Wood (Seattle, Washington)

A steering question. A few months ago, in a snowstorm, he drove for a few miles with flat back right tire. The steering no longer works right,. On turns he loses power steering. It

Call 3

Angie Whitehead (, Tennessee) - 1991 Volkswagen GTI

eep/dump--not getting heat, lots of other problems. Husband cringes whenever she drives it, he and son want her to dump it.

Call 4

Doug Schenk (Portland, Oregon) - 1999 Volvo XC70

A brake and ABS question. The dealer said the ABS module was bad. He changed it himself, and had the ABS fixed by a guy he found on the Internet. The engine now sounds louder and has less power, and idles roughly. Did he do something wrong? Could be a burned spark plug electrode, or something causing the car to run on four cylinders and not five.

Call 5

Kate Hoeschen (River Falls, West Virginia) - 2002 Subaru Outback

An engine problem that

Call 6

Rich Greenway (Shelbyville, Kentucky) - 2003 Ford Taurus

His wedding band was on top of the dashboard, then fell into the abyss. Is there an easy way to get up behind the dashboard? Rich blames us since he was listening to Car Talk when this happened! Here

Call 7

Sue Ely (Anchorage, Alaska)

A tire pressure question. How much do you inflate tires in the severe cold, ie. Alaska. Should they be inflated to recommended PSI at their cold temperature? They are doing an event called Pump it up on March 17. Answer: check tire pressure when the tires are cold. When set at -30, however, remember that the pressure goes up one pound per 10 degrees of air temperature.

Call 8

Warren Jacobsen (, California) - 1993 Toyota Camry

An ethical and philosophical question. A friend graciously lent him his car. It died and he had it towed. He hasn