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#0711: The Perils of Ray's Rowing Routines

Original Air Date: 03.17.2007
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What happened one fine day, when Ray went to row.

Call 1

Rachel Deer (, North Carolina) - 2002 Honda Civic

Her oil change guys said that the oil cap is broken, and part of it may have fallen into the oil and then gone into engine. He

Call 2

Dave Basinski (Clover, West Virginia) - 1986 Dodge Caravan

A brake question. His car is making a whooshing sound when he brakes, like somebody stepping on an airbag. Brakes work fine. The problem? The diaphragm is failing on the air booster. Suggested a new booster.

Call 3

Liv (Lynchburg, Virginia) - 1996 Toyota Corolla

A clutch question. It was replaced at 180k. Ever since, makes a loud horrible shaking, like she

Call 4

Jack Goodman (Ann Arbor, Michigan) - 1999 Volkswagen Passat

A case of runaway acceleration. He got up to freeway speed, took his foot off the accelerator pedal, and it continued to accelerate. He shut off ignition, glided down, then popped clutch, turned on ignition. He did this repeatedly and finally after about 10 miles, the problem resolved resolved. Wife refuses to let him drive with the kids in the car. Could be carbon build up and a sticky cable. He should also check the technical service bulletins on the car.

Call 5

Lisa (Greenfield, Massachusetts) - 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix

A windshield wiper problem. When set to the intermittent setting, they stop in the middle of the windshield. She wants to get rid of the car, but her Dad gave it to her and asks about it all the time. Could be the intermittent wiper controller, the multifunction switch on the stalk, or could be the motor itself.

Call 6

Kane Aldinger (Denver, Colorado) - 1997 Nissan Pathfinder

An electrical question. He has to hair-dry the distributor cap when it rains or snows in order to get it to start. Another solution besides moving to desert? Yes

Call 7

Austin Edgar (, Oklahoma) - 1995 Chevrolet 1500

A power steering question. The motor doesn

Call 8

Ted (Hermosa Beach, California) - 1983 Jeep Liberty

A transmission question. He needs oil changed. In California, they just suck it out and refill. He

Call 9

Ashley Cunningham (Saint Joseph, Missouri) - 1999 Ford Escort

A buying question. Her car was totaled in a bad accident. She works at a zoo and wants something bigger and domestic. Drives 130 miles a day, needs to get good mileage. Decent sized. Domestic, too. Some ideas: Ford Fusion, Chevy Malibu, maybe a PT Cruiser