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#0712: Something Sanjay in the Air

Original Air Date: 03.24.2007
Show Open Topic

Can Sanjay's ashes pass through his vehicle, or will this modern version of an old Hindu tradition wreak havoc on his car?

Call 1

Rebecca Young (Boston, Massachusetts) - 1996 Toyota Tacoma

When Rebecca drives through big puddles, her clutch becomes hard to press and squeals like a skunk. As clutch wears out, requires more effort. The clutch fork might need lubrication or a release bearing.started squeaking like a mattress spring, then smelling like a skunk.

Call 2

Will Talbot (Raleigh, North Carolina) - Porsche Boxster

Automatic transmission doesn

Call 3

Tina Wiecek (Las Vegas, Nevada) - 1990 Honda Civic

Recently relocated from Portland, OR to Las Vegas. Now, at a red light, her brake pedal feels like a sponge and sinks to the floor. Is it the heat? Ray assumes that her master cylinder is failing.

Call 4

Billy (Marston Mills, Massachusetts) - 1990 Toyota T100

When it

Call 5

Jenny Gurney (Biloxi, Mississippi)

Jenny is a volunteering for 9 months in Biloxi as an architect. As a perk she gets to live in a tent. She needs a car to get around. She wants to buy a car to use for the 9 months of volunteering. She also wants to use it for road trips and exploring the south. Only has $2500 to spend.

Call 6

Michael Perkins (, Ohio) - 1998 Honda Accord

Michael smells gas fumes through his vents. Car reeks of gas and so does he.

Call 7

Robert Stickney (New Orleans, Louisiana) - 1995 Honda Accord

Robert's Accord makes a whirring sound like an air raid siren cranking up. Sometimes doesn

Call 8

Toni Ceckler (Montpelier, Vermont) - 2004 Toyota Matrix

A mileage/chemistry question. She brought it in for exhaust work, mileage dropped 30%. Mechanic said due to cold. She

Call 9

John (San Diego, California) - 2000 Mitsubishi 3000GT

Jon has a problem with his heating and cooling system. Smells like radiator fluid when he turns the heater on. He can barely smell it, but his son says it