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#0713: MIT'S on Line 3! They Want Their Diploma Back!

Original Air Date: 03.31.2007
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The wisdom of six year-olds.

Call 1

David Berg (Placerville, California) - 1987 Nissan Pickup

Engine/fuel... hesitates and stuttering at a certain rpm. His dog is getting thrown around the back of the truck from all the jerking. Guys say he has a dirty circuit in carb...time for

Call 2

Ann (Altoona, Pennsylvania) - 1994 Subaru Legacy

A heater core question. She blew 3 of them, then the dealer flushed radiator and found a milky white substance and put in another. Now it blew again, more milky white substance...guys are baffled. Tommy offers an array of chemical compounds it could be, leading Ray to tell him,

Call 3

Bob Augur (Livingston, Montana) - 1995 Nissan Pickup

whining noise under the car, whether clutch is in or not. Happens on dirt roads. His Jack Russell terrier thinks it

Call 4

Janice Hanley (Northampton, Massachusetts) - 1996 Jeep Cherokee

windshields....5 new windshields in last 2 years- also happening to her fellow teachers. Tommy notes that windshields aren

Call 5

Jim Rich (, Oregon)

ethical dilemna... every time the new owner drives another 10k without major repairs, he brings him another $100. He

Call 6

John Barrs (Jackson, Utah) - 1990 Honda Civic

suspension.... clucking or knocking sound when he accelerates through a turn, either left or right. Getting worse. CV joints/axle

Call 7

Kate Shear (Bennington, Vermont) - 1999 Volkswagen Golf

clutch... new clutch a couple of weeks ago. Now gets stuck between gears, has to turn off and start it in gear.

Call 8

Dave Nolan (Chagrin Falls, Ohio)

driving/road trip.... Trip to Ireland, taking 5 women and him... needs driving tips for driving on the left and a car to rent that will fit everyone