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#0715: Wheel of Misfortune

Original Air Date: 04.14.2007
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Spinning the Wheel of Misfortune.

Call 1

Paul Hodgson (Camden, Maine) - 1990 Volvo 940

A heating and/or cooling question. When he puts on the fan, it sounds like a strangulated turkey. He doesn

Call 2

Kelley Argie (Manchester, New Hampshire) - 1998 Toyota Corolla


Call 3

Donna (, Arizona) - 1994 Dodge Colt

A steering question. She has oil under her feet on driver

Call 4

Kristen Toy (Starksboro, Vermont) - 2001 Saturn SC

A driving and mud season question. She lives off two dirt roads. It feels like she is getting swallowed in the mud. Should she take the three sandbags out of her wagon? Does it make it harder to drive? Tom and Ray said get rid of the sand, which is probably not helping her at all.

Call 5

Josh (Chicago, Illinois) - 1999 Toyota Corolla

A body and paint question. He was driving next to a construction zone and up flew some wet cement. All over the side of the car. Set and dried. How to remove? Tom and Ray recommended muriatic acid. Really worked well! Took it right off. Good as new.

Call 6

Jacob Schatz (Fort Washington, Pennsylvania) - 2003 Volkswagen GTI

A clutch question. The pedal sticks, feels like it

Call 7

Tarah Demant (St. Louis, Missouri) - 1995 Mitsubishi Mirage

An engine question. Revs at a really high rate when started and when coming to a stop, and shudders when you turn it off. Probably the idle air controller creating a vacuum leak, or a hose has come off.

Call 8

Patrick VanDerwill (Napierville, Illinois) - 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan


Call 9

Amy Phillips (Hartwell, Georgia) - Nissan Xterra

GPS. She heard a rumor from her older brother that her husband put a GPS locator on her car so he can know where she is all the time. How can she find the locator and put it on his car? Tom and Ray thought it was a practical joke. If it is true, they suggested she go interesting places that will require her husband to ask. Park the car at a strip club overnight, use 100-dollar bills when he