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#0716: Excuse Me, but Your Gas Tank is on Fire

Original Air Date: 04.21.2007
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Tom shares a few of his favorite bumper stickers.

Call 1

Patti (Belmont, Massachusetts) - Subaru Legacy

A suspension question. There's a clicking noise when she turns left or right, coming from right front wheel.

Call 2

Steven Santamaria (San Francisco, California) - 1988 Nissan Pickup

At idle, there's a rhythmic moaning. Happened before when the alternator went out.

Call 3

Amy Hutchins (Pembroke, New Hampshire) - 1996 Nissan Altima

Exhaust smell, like overboiled potatoes or bad fries from Coney Island. What's causing it?

Call 4

Tony Thomas (Memphis, Tennessee) - 1984 Bentley Arnage

A clutch question. Rebuilt the clutch a year ago, a few days ago there was a thunk behind the firewall and now the clutch travels less and feels heavier.

Call 5

Rachel Silverman (, Illinois) - 1987 Saab 900

An AC question. She turned it on on the first hot day, horrible noise, car died. Replaced alternator belt. It happened again, and her mechanic says it was a coincidence. True?

Call 6

Ian (Fort Collins, Colorado) - 1996 Dodge Neon

Call 7

Lani (Evergreen, Colorado) - 1993 Subaru Legacy

She had a fire in her gas tank! She unscrewed the cap a bit, not completely and flames shot out. Subaru says it was static electricity. How could this happen?

Call 8

Peter (Sitka, Alaska) - 1984 Ford F250

An engine question. He drained a quart of clear water out of the crankcase before he got gray sludgy oil. Changed oil 4 years ago, only 550k miles.

Call 9

Pam Kisch (, Michigan) - Subaru Legacy

A buying question. She has the "A car, B car" theory. Husband has the l"eapfrog" theory. Make Subaru the B car. What to do?