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#0717: I Hate Car Talk: The Next Generation

Original Air Date: 04.28.2007
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Hate mail from kids who are forced to listen to our lousy show.

Call 1

Terresa Lauer (Santa Cruz, California) - 2005 Honda CR-V

A heating and cooling question. Her car blows warm hair on top, and cold air on her feet. Dealer said that not supposed to blow hot air on feet because it will burn her feet. Tom and Ray thought this was bogus and it needs to be fixed, possibly a stuck cable.

Call 2

Jim Dempsey (Raleigh, North Carolina) - 1994 Plymouth Voyager


Call 3

Johannah Bomster (, Minnesota) - Ford Escort

A buying question. Her Ford Escort up and died the day before she closed on her house. Needs a new car. She hates to drive. Only drives a little bit. She has two kids. What should she replace Escort with? She bought an

Call 4

Christopher (Boulder, Colorado) - 1980 Ford F150

An engine and oil question. He has a truck that just won

Call 5

Christine Sandgren (Moscow, ) - 2006 Toyota Corolla

A starting question when it

Call 6

Greg Peterson (Claremont, Florida) - 1996 Ford Explorer

An engine question. After driving in warm weather, stopping, and starting again, car makes loud WOOO noise. Goes away with acceleration, and also goes away gradually with driving. The sound is like air coming through a whistle backwards, and can be really loud. Ray thought it was related to the heat generated from the engine. Tom and Ray suggested two good ways to find out what

Call 7

Jonathan Edelman (Chicago, Illinois) - 2004 Honda Accord

A question about tires and shocks. It rides like a go-cart. He feels every bump in the road. The ride is harsh. What to do? Higher profile tires? special shocks? Tom and Ray said it

Call 8

Stephanie Eerdley (, Virginia) - Mercury Villager

A gas pedal question. Hers doesn

Call 9

Steven Donner (Divide, Colorado) - Audi A6

A driving/ice/downhill question . His driveway is steep, gets covered in ice, wife descends in 1st. It