Show Rundown

#0719: Hello, You're on Mom Talk: A Mother's Day special, featuring Elizabeth Magliozzi

Original Air Date: 05.12.2007
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray welcome a special guest to the show: their mom, Elizabeth.

Call 1

Sandy Weisell (Prescott, Arizona) - 1989 Mitsubishi Montero

Sandy, Prescott AZ Noise...nasty groan whenever she makes a sharp turn. Also asks Lizzy how to deal with kids asking

Call 2

Jim Hurwich (Cincinnati, Ohio), who is 60 (is/should/might?) learn to drive soon...should one of her sons or her daughter teach her? Guys call Mom, who, after berating Jim for revealing her age, says she

Call 3

Susan Stamberg (Washington, District Of Columbia)

calling to talk to Elizabeth about T&R as kids. Lizzy talk about them taking things apart. Susan asks about stories, Lizzy talks about reading fairy tales to Tom, who claims she never finished them. Also, used to take the guys to movies...Bogar pictures. Ray:

Call 4

Paris Mariano (Jackson, Mississippi) - Plymouth Acclaim

Engine...bought as a backup to his

Call 5

Elizabeth Magliozzi (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

calling to bug the boys. discusses her relationship with Lucille, including throwing her clothes out on the lawn. Chides the guys for smoking cigars and wearing t-shirts.

Call 6

Carol Berman (, New York)


Call 7

Trish Ball (Buhl, Idaho) was always a lousy, neurotic pain in the ass in the car...why? Lizzy says Mom just feels liberated after years with the kids. Ray agrees with Lizzy. Guys call Mom (Polly), who says she

Call 8

Linda (, Kansas) - 1987 Honda Accord

Air gets in through door/window cracks. Dealer told her they