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#0721: Hygienic Malfunctions

Original Air Date: 05.26.2007
Show Open Topic

Listener stories of medicine cabinet mishaps.

Call 1

Elisa Van Damme (Newton, Massachusetts) - Saab

A fuel and starting question. For the last two years, in May, it won

Call 2

Brianna Schaefer (Grafton, Vermont) - 1997 Subaru Outback

A suspension and steering question. When she makes a sharp turn, the car makes a

Call 3

Todd Cutlip (Orlando, Florida) - 1973 Ford LTD

Bought LTD for his girlfriend because he thought it

Call 4

Phil Bernstein (, New York) - 2007 Chrysler Pacifica

An engine and maintenance question. He just bought the car. Should they do early oil changes to take out possible metal pieces that the manufacturing process leaves? Tom and Ray say to do an oil change at 1000 miles, and otherwise not to worry about it.

Call 5

Melissa Fletcher (Egan, Minnesota) - 2000 Honda Civic

A headliner question. How to get the birdseed out of the ceiling of her car? A mouse had been living in the headliner--she actually saw it while driving. Headliner can be dropped and cleaned, and then she needs to find out how to keep them from getting into the car. They

Call 6

Eric Shepard (Spokane, Washington) - 2001 Dodge Stratus

A suspension question. The right rear ball joint snapped off. Now, the left rear is squeaking and making a little noise. Do ball joints go in pairs? Mechanic should have checked the other side, but he asked to have just the one replaced. Needs to have all the ball joints and tie rod ends checked by his mechanic. The other ball joint could be going.

Call 7

Kate McKenna (Syracuse, New York) - 2006 Ford Escape

A steering question. Her wheel locked up on her while she was driving. Stepped on the brakes and steering wheel unlocked. Will it ever be safe to drive again? Tom and Ray think the steering wheel ignition lock needs to be replaced. This is life-endangering, and Kate needs to get the manufacturer zone representative involved, report it to NHTSA, and get it fixed immediately.

Call 8

Chris Lewis (, South Carolina) - 1993 Chevrolet S-10

He replaced the clutch himself. At 2000 RPM

Call 9

Jill Niederholzer (Yuba City, California)

A parking brake disagreement with her husband. Do you need to leave the parking brake on in an automatic vehicle? She argues that they are outdated. Tom and Ray side with her husband. The parking brake needs to be used.