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#0722: The Fine Whine of Lunenburg

Original Air Date: 06.02.2007
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How global warming really started-- thanks to a simple Act of Congress.

Call 1

Heather Hosu (, Pennsylvania) - 2000 Geo Metro

Bought it from Uncle Larry. Driving long distance, going up a hill, jerks, loses power, and won

Call 2

Patrick Sarvak (Charlotte, North Carolina) - 2005 Ford F250

A brake question. What should ABS sound like? He hears a funny ratchet like sound, and it sometimes takes longer to stop. Are his brakes working properly? Yes. The sound he hears, a

Call 3

Cathy Stone (Chatanooga, Tennessee) - 1997 Mazda Miata MX-5

A clutch question. It

Call 4

Dale Rawlinson (Lunenberg, Massachusetts) - 1997 Ford F150

An engine question.A high-pitched whirring noise is coming from under the hood that follows the rpms. He does a great reenactment:

Call 5

Jennifer Statz (, Oregon)

A starting question. On cold damp mornings, her car will turn over, but won

Call 6

Natasha Korshin (Anchorage, Alaska) - 2001 Subaru Forester

A fuel mileage question. This is the first stick shift that she

Call 7

John Dillon (Chicago, Illinois) - 2004 Honda Accord

An engine noise. It sounds like somebody put a can of marbles in the engine. Dealer says it

Call 8

Sarah Twiete (San Francisco, California) - Saab

A fuel question. Her car only allows her to put in 35 dollars worth of gas in the tank, no matter what gas station, or what price per gallon. She even called the bank. It