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#0723: Grand Theft Tire

Original Air Date: 06.09.2007
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In honor of Father's Day, stories about Tom and Ray's dad.

Call 1

Lori Rome (Grand Canyon, Arizona) - 1993 Toyota Tercel

A suspension question. She heard a clunking noise that got worse. Her husband diagnosed it as

Call 2

Reed Henricks (, New York) - 1994 Mazda Pickup

A steering question. He loses a cup and a half of power steering fluid every week. There

Call 3

Caty Price (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) - 1999 Subaru Outback

Stump the Chumps. Bought from a used car dealer, and it wouldn

Call 4

Mark Cadle (Charleston, West Virginia) - 1996 Ford Contour

An engine or vacuum question. It stalls when he pulls out from somewhere, and he gets horrible gas mileage. It takes a lot of time to warm up. Ray thought it might have injectors with a faulty spray pattern, which would make the mixture lean and contribute to stalling. Might try the Motorvac, which cleans injectors.

Call 5

Dorienne (Waterbury, Vermont) - Honda Civic

An ignition question. She left his very set of keys overnight in ignition. Now key won

Call 6

Vicki Logan (, Minnesota) - Chevrolet

The steering wheel starts vibrating. Seems to be random. It comes out of the blue

Call 7

Amy Zausch (, California) - 2004 Subaru Legacy

A tire/wheel question. She had a wheel stolen. She was told with AWD you have to replace all tires at the same time. Is that true? The remaining tires are more than 50% worn. Buy a DeWalt sander and wear a new tire down herself? Ray suggests buying a used tire. Check online for used tires and find one that matches as best possible.