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#0725: Thou Shalt Not Drive Like Thy Brother

Original Air Date: 06.23.2007
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The Vatican's Ten Commandments for the Road-- and a few additions from Tom and Ray

Call 1

Kate JOnes (, California) - 1996 Jeep Cherokee

A steering wheel question. Her wheel is at 90 degree angle from normal. Drives fine. Alignment fine. Could be dangerous

Call 2

Jonathan Moser (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) - 1996 Nissan Maxima

A steering question. Power steering fluid is brown. He wants to change it. Read on Internet he could get a turkey baster and siphon it out. Can he? Yes, but he

Call 3

Robin New (Dothan, Alabama) - 2001 Honda Civic

A fuel or transmission question. When she accelerates, the car jerks backwards. With her foot off the gas it

Call 4

Josh Brooks (San Francisco, California) - 1993 Ford Explorer

A transmission question. The transmission slips out of gear while he is driving up hill, when it

Call 5

Danielle Marks (Louisville, Kentucky) - 1993 Toyota Corolla

A brakes and rotors question. Her brakes thump and pulsate, and car shakes when she slows down on the highway. Simple: it

Call 6

Katie Quillin (, Oregon) - 2006 Honda Odyssey

A foreign body object conundrum. Her son dropped a box of Jelly Bellies on the floor, some stuck somewhere and Jelly Bellies roll from one sound of the car to another. Front end on lift and they

Call 7

Dillon McDaniel (Sheffield, Alabama) - 1991 Saturn SL

n engine question. RPM

Call 8

Valen Van Laanen (San Diego, California) - 2004 BMW 318

A question about side mirrors. Her husband has problems with her mirror adjustment. She has automatically focusing mirrors, but they are out of adjustment for freeway driving. They mirrors do not go back automatically. Sounds like the system is broken and needs to be checked by the dealer.

Call 9

Steven Tayara (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

If you get gas early in the morning or late at night, when it