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#0726: Everything You Never Really Wanted to Know About Tom and Ray But Were Afraid Someone Would Ask

Original Air Date: 06.30.2007
Show Open Topic

Personal questions from listeners for Tom and Ray.

Call 1

Brad Chapman (, California) - 1989 Toyota Corolla

A clutch question. It releases it in 1st gear, vibrates and shakes very violently. Goes away if he lets off the clutch, or if he let it all the way out and starts going. Possibly contaminant on the clutch. Antichatter springs may be missing or worn out. Might consider riding the clutch briefly, to wear off the foreign material. Engages high, so probably needs a new clutch.

Call 2

Kate (Redwing, Minnesota) - Chevrolet

An engine question. She turns off the car, and it diesels forever. It was her grandmother

Call 3

Rachel Coleman (Minneapolis, Minnesota) - 1994 Honda Accord

A windshield wiper question. The right hand one stopped working, then started working, but slower, so that windshield wipers were crashing together. Nuts are loose. They

Call 4

Matt Marxer (St. Louis, Missouri) - 1996 Plymouth Neon

A steering question. There

Call 5

Alexander Middick (Tampa, Florida) - Dodge

After 20 years, can it really be that Dodge can

Call 6

Lance (New York, New York) - 1995 Chevrolet Lumina

An engine and mechanics question. He clicked up car from garage. Had used a half a tank of gas, and put 75 miles on the car. Told him they had to recharge the lifters, on two separate days. Plausible reason? Not really. They ripped him off, and are probably doing it to other customers too--report them to Consumer Affairs