Show Rundown

#0727: Educate This!

Original Air Date: 07.07.2007
Show Open Topic

Item from Automotive News...Denver car dealers protest "plaid suit wearing" dealer stereotype.

Call 1

Michelle (Fairbanks, Alaska)

Starting. The car won't re-start if the engine is hot. She has to wait 2 hours until it cools. Dad is a closet mechanic and says the coil springs are worn out. She's not sure he's right. Tom and Ray think it's probably a bad starter motor.

Call 2

Cole Cabler (Portland, Oregon)

Heater. He just bought the car. When he turns the heater on, it smells like maple syrup and lets out a white powdery cloud.

Call 3

Erin (Palo Alto, California)

Driving. Her husband and a friend disagree about how to drive a manual transmission. Who is right?

Call 4

Victor Pisoni (, Virginia)

suspension/steering/brakes. When he backs up, or turns slowly into the driveway, it sounds like a seal mooing.

Call 5

Aaron Mace (Austin, Texas)

Taxi driver--his cab's engine makes a sound like bearings in a coffee can when he accelerates. The check engine light is also on. Tom and Ray think it is a bad crank angle sensor.

Call 6

Katherine Gothin (St. Paul, Minnesota)

Body work. She just rear ended her boss. She's thinking about trying to surprise the boss by fixing his car secretly. Ray suggests she offer to call a detailing service that makes house calls.

Call 7

Kartic Natarajan (New York, New York)

Smell. His car smells like sulfur. He was recently in India and his car there smelt the same way. Is it him? Tom and Ray think it's the catalytic converter.

Call 8

Dorothy Cheney (Devon, Pennsylvania)

Fan. The truck is in Botswana, where she and her husband study baboons. They have to drive through water. If it's deeper than 18', fan gets pushed into the radiator, and shreds it. So they tie the fan to the chassis, immobilizing it. But will this overheat the car? Guys say it'll be fine as long as they're in water. But they could also do something simpler, like just using a stick to stop the fan.