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#0729: Sorry Dad, I Blew Up Your Car!

Original Air Date: 07.21.2007
Show Open Topic

News Item: Guy steals a car from a dealership, gets arrested when he takes it back in for repair.

Call 1

Charlie Zabolski (Saugus, Massachusetts)

Stalling. When the engine is cold, the idle surges up and down and then almost stalls. After about 5 minutes, it's fine. Tom and ray think it's either the coolant temp sensor or the idle air control, which may just need cleaning. Try whacking it with a shoe.

Call 2

Adrienne Banks (, Oregon)

Suspension. Husband is into rocks. As a birthday present, she wants to surprise him by driving three hours to Portland and buying a bunch. How many can she load into the truck without damaging the car? Tommy uses the Mother-in-Law principle and says she can probably carry 500-600 pounds. Ray suggests she rent a small van instead.

Call 3

Justin Flattery (, Georgia)

Leaks. The car leaks after it rains. There's water pouring in through his speaker holes on the door. Tom and Ray suggest drilling new drain holes so the water can escape.

Call 4

Steve (, Maine)

Transmission. He icked his daughter up at college and accidentally threw car into park while driving. Made a horrible grinding noise. Did he damage the tranny? Tom and Ray don't think he did any damage.

Call 5

Christy & Dad (, Illinois)

engine. While driving her dad's car 15 years ago, she put tape over the check engine light. Shortly after, the car blew up. Is she to blame? Tom and Ray call her dad and encourage her to fess up.

Call 6

Sharon Godsey (, Maryland)

Noise. The car makes a groaning noise whenever she turns the wheel.

Call 7

Parker Bent (Northampton, Massachusetts)

Noise. It makes a loud ticking noise. Someone told him it's a broken connecting rod. Is that dangerous? Tom and Ray say yes. He should get the car fixed.

Call 8

Cindy Arnette (, California)

Oil. She was working late one night and remembered she needed to change her oil. As she finished up, she noticed that she hadn't been filling it with oil but Maalox. Did she damage the engine? Guys say probably not.