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#0730: Help! My Life's Down the Tubes

Original Air Date: 07.28.2007
Show Open Topic

A new Italian study shows that 70% of us lie 5-10 times a day. The most common lie? "It's all taken care of!"

Call 1

Kate Horner (Toledo, Ohio)

Starting. Sometimes it cranks but won't start unless she tries several times. Husband is a mechanic but he can't figure it out because it never happens when he's around. Tom and Ray suggest he put a timing light on, and figure out if it's fuel or spark. The likely culprit is the fuel pump relay.

Call 2

Steve Beyer (Chicago, Illinois)

Transmission/towing. He went to a party and parked in a lot. When he came out, all the other cars there were towed except his. Why? Tom and Ray say it's probably because his car was front wheel drive and standard, and tow guys couldn't get a flatbed truck there in time to tow him away.

Call 3

Heather Ross (Arcata, California)

Stalling. She took the car to Helmut the mechanic because her glove compartment was stuck. $3000 later, he also rebuilt her fuel injection system. Now it stalls at elevation.

Call 4

Tim and Pam Cone (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Engine Mounts. Her husband borrowed her car and drove it 45 mph on washboard roads. Is he to blame? Tom and Ray say there's not enough evidence to convict since they've seen other Saturns with engine mount problems that hadn't been driven off-road.

Call 5

Meta (, Texas)

Brakes. She had the brakes done months ago and now the steering vibrates.

Call 6

Kathryn Lewis (Seattle, Washington)

Tires. The sidewalls are turning white because she keeps hitting curbs. Are they still roadworthy? Tom and Ray say she should have them checked by a mechanic (and not a tire shop).

Call 7

Dave (Bimidji, Minnesota)

He drove from Alaska to Minnesota in a Cavalier with 350k miles on it. The car overheated. He got home by wiring fan to battery, and using a campfire grill to punch a hole in the catalytic converter and "blow out the gunk." Now the car is sluggish. Tom and Ray say the fan is sucking all the current. He needs to disconnect the fan from the battery and really fix it.