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#0731: Holy Batman, My Car's on Fire!

Original Air Date: 08.04.2007
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The Exercise Diaries, featuring Tanya the Trainer. And, Ray shares a story about going to the gym with his wife.

Call 1

Red Barker (, New Jersey)

Converter. The floor caught fire. The mechanic said catalytic converter was bent too close to the floor and burned the carpeting. He put in a piece of metal but it's still so warm, his girlfriend won't ride in front. Guys say his converter is likely plugged and timing is retarded.

Call 2

Linda Wiesenquist (Seattle, Washington)

Safety. Her husband announced he'd cut the top off the car. Is her newly converted convertible safe to drive? Tom and Ray say no! They need to weld an I-Beam, or a roll cage onto it.

Call 3

Tom Wineland (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Mechanic is a big believer in symmetry, constantly telling Tom that he needs to replace things in pairs. Last time it was calipers, now it's the springs. Is he getting ripped off? Tom and Ray say the mechanic is probably right about the springs because they usually only come in pairs, and one old/one new spring could make car look cockeyed.

Call 4

Jamie (, Wisconsin)

Noise. It creaks when you turn the wheel. The dealer said it is the tie rods. But a mechanic said they look fine. Tom and Ray think the dealer is probably right.

Call 5

Dinesh Desai (Los Altos, California)

He and friends are planning to walk across Death Valley this Summer...He and friends are planning to walk across Death Valley this Summer. They will have three cars on hand but he's concerned about leaving them out in the heat all day. Will they be okay? Tom and Ray say the cars should be fine but he should crack the windows to keep the interiors from getting too hot.

Call 6

Kimberly Anderson (Amherst, New Hampshire)

Timing belt. Has 94k miles on it. Her mom says she needs to get the timing belt replaced ASAP. The mechanic said not to worry about it. Who's right? Guys aren't sure if this has a timing belt or chain. She should call Nissan. If it's a chain, don't worry about it. If it's a belt, listen to Mom and replace it.

Call 7

Naomi (, Utah)

Oil indicator light and buzzer keep coming on but the oil seems fine, and revving makes it stop. Tom and Ray say it could just be bad oil pressure switch, or the pressure could be too high or low.

Call 8

John (, Massachusetts)

messy car. He's clean in life but not in his car! There are coffee cups, Dunkin' Donuts bags, and papers in back seat. He's got a first date with a "classy woman". Friends say he should clean the car. But he thinks she should take him as he is. He's 38. Guys say he should clean it.