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#0732: Jailbirds and Medical Procedures

Original Air Date: 08.11.2007
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Discussion of Laura Doyle's book, "The Surrendered Wife." Her thesis: a "submissive wife" is the secret to a happy marriage.

Call 1

Heidi Horschler (Scottsdale, Arizona)

Power steering fluid. It seems to get low but she can't find a leak. Tom and Ray say it is leaking, but it's happening while she's driving, so she can't see it. She may need a new rack.

Call 2

Rick (Mystic, Connecticut)

Mileage. His girlfriend's car got towed to a garage because it wouldn't start. They kept it for the weekend, and fixed the problem, but when she got it back, there was an additional 20k miles on the odometer. What did they do? Tom and Ray say the mechanics didn't do anything. The car has a bad speedo head, just a coincidence.

Call 3

Noah (Flagstaff, Arizona)

Storing. He's "going away" for 14 months and won't be able to drive it. What's the best way to store the van? Tom and Ray say he should drain the gas tank, put it up on blocks, and stuff the tailpipe so snakes don't crawl in.

Call 4

Anne Bowers (, Georgia)

Noise. She took husband to Florida to get his vasectomy reversed. She wanted to get him home quickly, so she drove back to GA like a madwoman. Now the car's making a grinding noise on starting. Did she do it? Tom and Ray say it's the starter motor, and had nothing to do with her post-vasectomy wacko driving.

Call 5

Matt Dammery (Arlington, Virginia)

Timing belt. His older brother talked him into changing the timing belt. Car now runs like doo doo. Did they screw it up? Ray believes they made the "classic rookie mistake" and didn't get correct the tension, and now timing is off. Try again, and they'll know when they get it right because the car will run like a dream. And, don't ever listen to your brother.

Call 6

Jean Stacy (, North Carolina)

Noise. Her husband's car makes a groaning noise on turns, only when car is moving. Dealer says it's coming from steering column, and nothing to worry about. Tom and Ray agree with the dealer. It's nothing to worry about.

Call 7

Dave Kelly (, New Jersey)

electrical/theoretical. His son discovered that remote keyless entry works better if he points it at his chin rather than at the car. How can this be? Ray puts Male Answer Syndrome to work, says he's noticed same thing with TV remote, and it's "dispersion"... bouncing beams off something improves the range. Tom says Ray's theory is bogus.