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#0733: Those Who Can Drive, Can't Teach

Original Air Date: 08.18.2007
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Italian moms, and their 61 year old stay-at-home sons - one family's story.

Call 1

Ely Sanders (Portland, Oregon) - 1977 Volkswagen Van

A clutch question. The cable broke, and it

Call 2

Tanya Sammons (Savannah, Georgia) - 1992 Volvo 240

Brake rotors are warped. Is this dangerous? Her husband says no. She

Call 3

Michael Roy (St. Louis, Missouri) - 1977 Ford F250

engine/oil pump question. His oil pressure dropped, and he put new gauge in. Now it fluctuates between 60 and 20 psi. Is this bad? Answer, no, this is what the oil pressure normally does in a vehicle.

Call 4

Stuart Gripman (Berkeley, California) - 1992 Buick LeSabre

A heating and cooling question. When riding in his colleague

Call 5

Collette Coleman (Wacabuc, New York) - Toyota Sienna


Call 6

CJ Walker (Brockton, Massachusetts) - 1999 Volkswagen Golf

A steering wheel problem. It

Call 7

Lorri Helms (Mars Hill, North Carolina)

A question about window motors: her husband runs through them. He has already gone through 2 on his

Call 8

Damien Smith (Portland, Oregon) - BMW X5

A buying question. He and his wife bought a vacation home in Baja, Mexico. She