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#0734: Say It Ain't So, Duct Tape

Original Air Date: 08.25.2007
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share new findings... that, well, duct tape doesn't work.

Call 1

Christian Spencer (Oxford, Ohio) - 1988 Suzuki Samurai

Recent college grad, now working in pizza place (over-qualified for McDonald

Call 2

Emily Edelman (, Massachusetts)

Men/Psychology...was seeing a guy named Bob, who stopped calling her after she diagnosed a problem with his car that he couldn

Call 3

Andrew Bean (, Oregon) - 1991 Jeep Cherokee

Noise coming from rear

Call 4

Anne Bowers (, Georgia) - 1996 Dodge Caravan

Noise... engine strted making grinding noise after she rushed husband home from having his vasectomy reversed... guys said it was starter motor, and were wrong. Ray takes another half-dozen guesses (all wrong), until she tells them it was the idler pulley.

Call 5

Charlie Harvey (Burreah, Kentucky) - Ford Explorer

Tranny...his wife

Call 6

Dave Wharton (, North Carolina) - 1995 Ford Windstar

Door chime goes off constantly in hot weather. One of his door ppillar switches is being affected by the heat, and not sending signal that the door is closed. Figure out which door by starting car and leaning on each one until the dinging stops.

Call 7

Terri Weaver (Indian Head, Maryland)

Buying... 16 year old son wants to buy 1960s muscle car with $2000, to pick up girls. She