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#0735: The Case of the Gender-Confused Pickup

Original Air Date: 09.01.2007
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Fun quotes from Albert Einstein.

Call 1

Barbara (Kalamazoo, Michigan) - Volkswagen

An AC question. Every time she idles and has the AC on, it makes a sound like

Call 2

Velda Pick (Hammond, Indiana) - 1988 Toyota Pickup

Had this problem for a year. When cold, chugs, blows black smoke and backfires. If she runs it for 10 or 15 minutes then turn it off, runs well. Only thing Ray can remember about this truck is a problem with the AAP diaphragm on the carburetor--that can cause a sparkplug to be fouled, and backfire. Suggest she and her hubby try replacing it.

Call 3

Gordon Swenson (Melrose, Florida) - 1995 Jeep Wrangler

A steering problem. Trouble keeping car going straight--mechanic says he has

Call 4

Steve Routman (New York, New York) - Toyota Tercel

An electrical question. Has gone through four alternators in the last year. All installed in different places, forutnately all but the first were covered by warranty. Problem with electrical system? It could be a bad ground, but it

Call 5

Sarah Zarek (Salt Lake City, Utah) - 1999 Honda Accord

A transmission question. It

Call 6

Chad Erlenborn (Minneapolis, Minnesota) - 1983 Volkswagen Vanagon

Should he dump or keep it? He bought it from friend for $1, 9 months ago. Popped tire when wife road it in the first time. Wife won

Call 7

Heidi Bassani (Washington, District Of Columbia) - 2003 Toyota Camry

A question about brakes. Every time she brakes and goes over a bump, gets a really hard grinding and car doesn

Call 8

Ed (West Hartford, Connecticut) - Saab

A parking question. He is unable to park his car straight. It started when he parked at the shopping mall, and he came out and it was crooked. He thinks the curve of the car makes it look straight. Could be that the curved designed of the Saab

Call 9

Robert Estoye (Soddy Daisey, Tennessee) - 1990 Ford F250

car naming question. Bought truck from woman who said,