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#0736: The Stick-on Sunroof

Original Air Date: 09.08.2007
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The debut of the stick-on, bogus sunroof. And no, we're not kidding.

Call 1

Susan Cunningham (Babb, Montana) - 2003 Dodge Caravan

Out in the middle of nowhere in Montana--the

Call 2

Jacob (Manti, Utah) - 1997 Toyota Camry

He replaced the front brake pads himself. Now, whenever he is driving fast and then brakes slightly, the car starts jumping, shaking, rumbling. Did he screw up? Probably not-- sounds like worn out brake rotors. They now need to be replaced. Small chance it's the steering mechanism.

Call 3

Rory Pickett (Portland, Oregon) - 1999 Mazda Protege

A starting question. It makes sound when she starts like gnashing. Starter motor issue. Teeth missing. Needs new ring gear on the flywheel. Could just be normal wear, or could

Call 4

Velda Pick (Hammond, Indiana) - 1988 Toyota Pickup

When cold, chugs, blows black smoke and backfires. Only thing Ray can remember about this truck is a problem with the AAP diaphragm on the carburetor--turns out, he

Call 5

Michael Browner (Miami, Florida) - 2006 Mazda Mazda3


Call 6

Kathy Lee (Montgomery, Massachusetts)

Heating/cooling/transmission/engine. Whenever she turns the heat on, and slides the temperature control from left to right, cold to hot, the Jeep will make a rippling sound like an aircraft coming in for a landing, and then seems like it ran over something and the whole front end shudders. Guys invite her to drive to Boston so they can check it out. Ray thinks the problem is a blend door being impinged upon by the blower motor.

Call 7

Chris Lewis (Spokane, Washington) - 1995 Toyota Tacoma

A clutch question. Depressing clutch no longer allows him to start the car. There

Call 8

Erin Shields (Phoenix, Arizona) - 2007 Saturn Ion

A heating and cooling question. Every time her husband drives the car, the seat heaters turn them on by themselves. Dealership says it