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#0737: Auto-Anthropomorphism?

Original Air Date: 09.15.2007
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Should you name your car? Also-- help us name Tom and Ray's jalopies!

Call 1

Martha Galarty (, Wisconsin) - 1998 Chevrolet Van

College student. This is the family van--when driving, occasionally it will die all of a sudden, like it

Call 2

Fatymah Joseph (, Ohio) - 1989 Honda Civic

Calls her car,

Call 3

Steve Alberts (, Texas) - 2002 Toyota RAV4

A heating/cooling/engine question. There's whitish gray smoke when he starts it after sitting all night. Usually goes away after about 30 seconds. Oil leak? He doesn

Call 4

Kate Carson (, Massachusetts) - Dodge Magnum

On family vacation, Mother in law was driving a rental car down Mt, St. Helens. Mom wouldn

Call 5

Jordy (San Francisco, California) - 1991 Honda Accord

A vacuum/brakes question. When he puts on AC or when hot out, the brakes go to the floor. Has to pump pedal to make them work. Has been doing this for 2 years! He needs a new master cylinder, and needs to do it immediately--San Francisco is not a good city to be driving around without brakes. He

Call 6

Karl Bates (Chapel Hill, North Carolina) - 1995 Honda Accord

A question about airbags. He wants to keep car going another 3 years until his son is old enough to drive, but, concerned that the airbags won

Call 7

Stacy Smith (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) - 2002 Oldsmobile Alero

An exhaust question. When she goes through a puddle or is driving in the rain, exhaust system sounds like a Harley. The car also seems to slow down when this happens. Problem is common to GM cars: has a double-walled exhaust pipe, and outer wall is contracting when cold water hits it, so it

Call 8

Jim McWilliams (Oxford, Ohio) - Lotus Elan

tools... while rebuilding the car, wrench flew out of his hands and hit his friend in the mouth and broke his tooth. Friend says he should have had his hand closed around wrench, but he usually keeps his hand open. Guys say they keep their hand closed, unless there