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#0738: Clink, Clank, with a Shugga Shugga Shugga

Original Air Date: 09.22.2007
Show Open Topic

Why driving and dialing just might have an upside-- at least for one family.

Call 1

Heidi Sharpe (Lacey, Washington) - 1995 Toyota 4Runner

A suspension question. She

Call 2

Frank (, ) - 2003 Subaru Forester

window--makes creaking sound when all the way down, and then slams at the top when closing. Needs a new regulator. Can he do it himself? Sure, if he

Call 3

Sarah Einstein (Morgantown, West Virginia) - 1999 Toyota Camry

An engine/heat/cooling question. A friend suggested that her car was running too hot because she doesn

Call 4

Paul Birnholz (Westford, Vermont)

An engine/clutch/transmission question. His MG is whistling, coming from the bell housing. Will need to take out the transmission and replace the clutch and release bearing. Do it himself? Get Tommy

Call 5

TJ Melton (Little Rock, Arkansas) - 1997 Ford Explorer

An electrical question. Her auto door locks go crazy in temperatures over 105 degrees. All windows were doing it, though not all at the same time. Probably a technical service bulletin regarding this call. Check with a dealer. She took the fuse out. Put it back in, and remove it if the locks start acting up again.

Call 6

Jean Major (Prescott, Arizona) - 1991 Volvo XC70

A question about brakes. She recently had brakes redone, and now it hisses, very loudly, like there are snakes in the car. Brake feels fine. It

Call 7

Devon (Portland, Oregon) - 2001 Toyota Prius

suspension/tires... creaking noise when she takes a right turn. Hears it at low speeds. Feels almost shaky when she turns. Feels stuck. Only hears it at low speeds. Needs a new rack and pinion. Could be something binding up, too, which could result in loss of steering. Serious, needs to be checked out.

Call 8

Matt Barnes (Peak's Island, Maine) - 1999 Nissan Altima

heating/cooling. His fan only works on either 1 or 4. Either way, he gets too much fan or not enough fan. Wants to fix it himself. Needs a blower resistor. He can do it himself. Buy the new one, see what it looks like, and replace it. Tommy suggests he live with 1 and 4, switch back and forth so it averages to 2-3.

Call 9

Dave Jacke (Greenfield, Massachusetts)

An engine/fuel/idle question. When he first bought his Honda Fit, he would come to a stop and take his foot off the gas. Now, it goes without any gas. Moves on its own. Honda told him that