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#0739: Car Talk Vs. Nocturnal Flatulence

Original Air Date: 09.29.2007
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How Car Talk can help with a bad case of nocturnal flatulence.

Call 1

Michelle Blair (Oakland, California) - 1999 Honda Accord

An accelerator or transmission question? When the car is cold the accelerator sticks, and she has to press hard to

Call 2

Darren Sibley (Fort Wayne, Indiana) - 1996 Volkswagen Jetta

A heating/cooling question. The AC drips profusely under the dash. Has a Taco Bell cup taped to his floorboard. Empties it every two days, but his dates don

Call 3

Mary Jean Martin (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) - 2003 Saturn Vue

suspension/shocks/springs... turns to the right makes a donkey wheezing sound or when she goes over bumps. Only happens when car is moving, which eliminates many possibilities. Could be a lot of things--some dangerous. Need to get

Call 4

Kari (Tallahassee, Tennessee) - Volkswagen

An AC question. She drove over a tractor trailer tire, and the AC went out. Now, a piece of plastic is hanging down under the car. It's half broken. What happened? Two things--1. She knocked off the debris guard, and needs to replace it. 2. Probably knocked a pipe off the AC compressor, and may need a new compressor. Should try to get her insurance to cover it, since she was avoiding an accident.

Call 5

Mike Chase (, Massachusetts) - 1997 Honda Accord

A windshield question. He's got lots of pock marks in it, bad in terms of glare. Is there any way to fill in the holes? Answe: no, he needs to replace the windshield, and should ask his insurance to cover it. If they won

Call 6

Angel Eakers (, Oklahoma) - 2000 Chevrolet Van

An engine/ ignition question. She has to turn the key really gently, has to do it really slowly and when it starts it makes this ticking noise and continues until it warms up. Problem is crack in exhaust manifold, and she needs to get it fixed.

Call 7

Tim (, New York) - 1991 Acura Legend

Bought it for 100 bucks. Rebuilt head gasket, but now hoses keep blowing. oo much pressure in engine? Or just old hoses? Ray says head gasket was mis-diagnosed, and he actually had a cracked cylinder head. As a result, exhaust is building up, and bursting through weak seams, one at a time.

Call 8

Rosalie Schwager (, Florida) - 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser

An MPG question. She

Call 9

Jim (, North Carolina) - 1989 Buick Century

An ethical question regarding whether he should keep or dump a car. His grandma gave it to him, and it