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#0741: Twila's Confession

Original Air Date: 10.13.2007
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How to spot the single guy in the supermarket checkout line.

Call 1

Pat Heintz (Otis Field, Maine) - 1999 Ford Taurus

Summer car/Winter car. Each sits for 6 months at a time, when they first use them again, get a rubbing, squeaking, grinding noise when turn the wheel. Husband thinks it

Call 2

Eddie Boyle (, Minnesota) - 2007 MINI Cooper

A transmission question. At times it hesitates, cuts out, like in the middle of an intersection. Happens just about every day, but dealer can

Call 3

Lin Smithwick (Fargo, North Dakota) - 2000 Kia Sephia


Call 4

Mike Antos (Pasadena, California) - 1997 Subaru Impreza

Check engine light is on because one of the sensors in the gas tank is bad. Replaced other one and it was expensive, so he wants to know if he can just disable this sensor to turn off the light. Guys don

Call 5

Twila (Trenton, Missouri)

Borrowed brother

Call 6

Jim Larkin (Lynn, Massachusetts) - 2005 Honda Accord

A suspension question. When he turns all the way when stopped or going very slowly, gets this booming bass sound. Guys say it sounds like he

Call 7

Maggie (Tallahassee, Florida) - Ford Focus

Since she had 50k checkup, steering wheel vibrates, badly, all the time. Tom and Ray think she has a bad tire--tread separation. When guys did service, they likely rotated the bad tire from the rear to the front, which is why she

Call 8

Daniel Kuzmic (, California) - Hyundai Elantra

A question about body and the armrest console. A husband and wife having a hard time sharing this armrest console. To whom does it belong to while driving. It

Call 9

Kim Bache (Portland, Oregon) - Saturn SL

She just went to dealership for 90k checkup. They say she has $900 worth of leaks. She