Show Rundown

#0742: A Man's Van is His Castle

Original Air Date: 10.20.2007
Show Open Topic

Philosophical jokes.

Call 1

Beth (, New York) - 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt

Beth's steering wheel pulsates when she slows down off the highway.

Call 2

Liz (, Minnesota) - Subaru

She's having trouble shifting her automatic out of park, that is unless she whacks the shifter with her ice scraper.

Call 3

Eric (, North Carolina) - Chevrolet 1500

Eric's wipers are stuck in the up position.

Call 4

Frank (Seattle, Washington) - Volkswagen

His VW requires a go-cart start. When he pushes down on the gas pedal, it hesitates.

Call 5

Judy Joe (, New York) - Hyundai Accent

Judy Joe went in for a check up and she was told her brakes needed cleaning. Is this a scam?

Call 6

Matt Part One (, North Carolina) - Chevrolet

Matt lives in his beloved conversion van but he's got a problem. It stalls when he slows down. The guys want him to go out and listen to the engine.

Call 7

Kendra (, Tennessee) - Saturn Aura

Her car is revving high especially when she pushes on the clutch. Her beau thinks it's a vacuum leak.

Call 8

Matt Part Deux (, North Carolina) - Chevrolet

Matt returns for some live diagnostic work on his conversion van.