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#0744: What's a Cooked Mini Between Friends?

Original Air Date: 11.03.2007
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Name the new Car Talk cartoon series coming from PBS!

Call 1

Christina Ward (Iowa City, Iowa) - 1996 Honda Accord

A starting problem. It only starts intermittently. Sounds like it

Call 2

Pete and Emily (South Beach, Florida) - 2002 Hyundai Accent

An electrical-ethical question. He used her Mini Cooper to jump start his Accent. About 10 days later, Mini

Call 3

Marisol Spiegel (Abingdon, Virginia) - Cadillac Escalade

An engine and oil question. Her hubby is an old fashioned Russian who doesn

Call 4

Eli Grossman (, Indiana) - 1990 Mazda MPV

A gas gauge question. He bought it because he and wife are about to have triplets. Keeps running out of gas, because gauge only goes down to 3/4, even when tank is empty. Problem is sending unit in fuel tank--easy fix, assuming he can find one, can do it himself.

Call 5

Adrian (, Florida) - 2000 Honda Civic

Between 45-50mph, he gets a vibration in front end. Had tires rotated and balanced, but that didn

Call 6

Clayton Carter (Nacadoches, Texas) - Dodge

A transmission question. It seems to shift two gears at once, from 2nd to 4th. Porblem is in the transmission. Warranty expired, but he should try to get dealer to fix it for free.

Call 7

Amy Hazle (Louisville, Kentucky)

A tire pressure question. Her father

Call 8

Wolfgang Rueckner (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Wolfgang calls in during Tom and Ray's call with Amy, to agree with guys