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#0745: I Just Want It to be Able to Pull a Hill!

Original Air Date: 11.10.2007
Show Open Topic

How Car Talk can spoil an otherwise perfectly nice vacation.

Call 1

Jason Williams (Newton, Massachusetts) - 2003 MINI Cooper

A brakes question. He replaced front pads and rotors. Now there

Call 2

Johna (Moscow, Idaho) - 1993 Toyota Corolla

Suspension? Loud thump and vibration when she

Call 3

Alex (Flagstaff, Arizona) - 1993 Ford F150

He goes out into the woods and drives like a nut. Blew out a shock on a dirt road. Does he have to replace all four shocks or just the one? He can replace just one shock, but he should stop driving like an idiot--could shear off the oil pan or do worse damage, along with killing himself.

Call 4

Leland Jones (Atlanta, Georgia) - Mazda Miata MX-5

A buying question. He just returned from Iraq. Got married before he left to a woman with two

Call 5

Shahara (Louisville, Colorado) - Volkswagen

Three problems: left blinker is going twice is fast. Door open light comes on and warning signal beeps while driving. And, she gets shocked when she opens the right side door. Related? No, but all are simple--blinker is a bad bulb, door is a bad switch or bad latch, and shocks are likely being cause by the seat covers.

Call 6

Susan Heinz (Indianapolis, Indiana) - 2006 Chrysler Town & Country

A fuel question. Occasionally, at stop, car stutters, like it

Call 7

Dave Muha (Reston, Virginia) - 1999 Toyota Corolla

Engine/oil question. He was down 3 quarts. Did he ruin his engine? Probably not, but needs to start checking the oil regularly, and get a mechanic to find the leak.

Call 8

Jill (Albuquerque, New Mexico) - Subaru Forester

A culinary question. Her boyfriend and she are on roadtrip, trying to cook in the car, but nengine ot hot enough? Tred enchiladas, and it took hours, next they want to do meatloaf. True, it