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#0748: A Singularly Painful Plural Puzzler

Original Air Date: 12.01.2007
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The Washington Post challenges its readers to come up with a question that stops Tom and Ray in their tracks. Hear a few of the winners.

Call 1

Naomi Avery (, Michigan) - 2000 Jeep Cherokee

A heating/cooling question. The heater fan stopped working one day as she was driving. Accompanied by a strange smell, like burning plastic, but not quite. Smell was blower motor melting, she needs to replace or she won

Call 2

Bob (Kisco, New York) - 1999 Hyundai Sonata

An airbag question. The dog ate up the front passenger dashboard trying to get at a cat that was on the hood...right near the airbag, Now there

Call 3

Nate (Ripley, Ohio) - 1998 Ford F150

A transmission question. He parked it at neighbor

Call 4

Craig Taylor (Windham, New Hampshire) - 2002 Honda Odyssey

An engine/accelerator/throttle question. Just bought from used car dealer. It sounds like a small airplane when he accelerates. Whining sound. High pitched whining sound. As soon as you take foot off the acclerator, sound goes away.Is sound there is the car

Call 5

Craig Taylor (Windham, New Hampshire) - 2002 Honda Accord

Returns and reports it

Call 6

Barbara Ramundo (Bethesda, Maryland)

question about headlights. She plays padiddle, you spot cars with one headlight out. In the past year, seems like more paddidles then ever before. Is it just laziness of drivers, quality of headlights, etc? Answer is that headlights are better now, so it's less obvious to the driver when one is out.

Call 7

Trittica Nielson (Boise, Idaho) - 2000 Chevrolet Venture

A transmission question. As she drives down the road, she

Call 8

Nathan Novotny (Indianapolis, Indiana) - 1991 Nissan 240SX

lutch question. The pedal keeps getting closer to the floor, has to pump it up to get the pedal back. Probably the master or slave cylinder, or i could be another leak.Try bleeding them.