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#0749: I Found Love in a Ford Fairmont

Original Air Date: 12.08.2007
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Finding your true love - thanks to a heap of an old Buick.

Call 1

Dustin Ramsey (Scotch Ridge, Ohio) - 1992 Chevrolet Corsica

Sometimes won

Call 2

Evie Voyles (, Louisiana) - 1989 Isuzu Pickup

hen she cranks it up, it makes a really shrill noise. Sounds like a belt to her, and to T&R. Can she use some kind of spray on it? Depends on whether belt is loose, or cracked. If loose, needs to tighten it. Could also buy a new belt and replace.

Call 3

Patrick Houlihan (, Alaska) - Toyota Corolla

A question about old gas. He sold the car, but kept the gas tank...there

Call 4

Sara Adler (New York, New York) - 2004 Volvo S80

Loud, screeching sound In torrential rain, after driving on highway for for 40-45 minutes. Only in the rain, lasts for a few minutes, only when the car is moving. Volvo said it was

Call 5

Evan Glen (Fairbanks, Alaska) - 1991 Toyota Previa

An electrical/lights question. He can get light switch to stick between high and low beam and keep both on at the same time. Any problem with running the car like that? It's nice and bright. Possible to burn out the bulb if you run both high and low beam at the same time. Might fry the switch over time, but, if it helps him see moose, go for it.

Call 6

Dolora Deal (Sun Valley, Idaho) - 1994 Ford Explorer

2 questions. 1. Cruise Control no longer works, mechanic says servo is the problem and they don

Call 7

Alex Wysocki (Los Angeles, California) - 1989 Honda Accord

A wheel/ebrake question. They attempted to drive forward, and the back right wheel wouldn

Call 8

Katie George (Taos, New Mexico) - 1993 Mercury Capri

An engine/oil/roadtrip question. Starting to smoke, consuming some oil. Driving to New Orleans or Mardi Gras, before flying to Paris. Can she trust this car? Guys say, yes--oil burning will accelerate as she