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#0750: Don't Call Us, Call the Vatican!

Original Air Date: 12.15.2007
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Why minivans just might be the sexiest vehicle going.

Call 1

Zona (Fisher, Minnesota) - 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse

A heating/cooling/radiator question. Everytime she goes through drive thru at Burger King, it overheats on her. Guys say it sounds like a cracked head gasket, and she

Call 2

Jarret Miner (Las Vegas, Nevada) - 2001 Dodge Dakota

A suspension question. His car makes a squeaking noise everytime he goes over a speed bump. Probably just a control arm bushing.

Call 3

Trina Frisco (Flora, Illinois) - 2007 Toyota Corolla

body/transmission/ebrake/coin spillage. She spilled a lot of coins in area where stick shift and handbrake, some went down. Will it cause damage? No. Unlikely that it's going to interfere with anything. Get a flashlight to see how much is down there, and vacuum them out.

Call 4

Virginia Morrison (Cleveland, Ohio) - Volkswagen

Makes a noise. High C above Middle C squealing noise that happens when car is in motion. It stops when she puts on the ebrake or touches the brakes. Dealer says there

Call 5

Rob Holsington (, Oregon) - 1997 Honda Civic

Clutch/transmission question. In 1st or 2nd when it

Call 6

Denise Krupp (Bowling Green, Ohio)

heating/climate control/physics question. Disagreement over temperature in car with hubby. She puts it on 90 degrees and thinks it will heat up faster, then she puts it back to 70 degrees. Husband thinks she

Call 7

Craig Taylor (Windham, New Hampshire) - 2002 Honda Odyssey

Just got from used car dealer, was making high pitched whining sound, only when car was moving. Guys said it was the differential, and to get it to dealer before 30 day warranty exxpired. He took it to dealer, wound up being tranny problem common to that year

Call 8

Kristy Hall (, Illinois) - 2000 Suzuki Grand Vitara

body/windows/relic question. Whenever it rains and windows fog up, there is a Jesus figure that appears on her back window. She