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#0751: A Lexus for Grandma Lily

Original Air Date: 12.22.2007
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share an alarming new trend in public radio-canine relations.

Call 1

Tami Vines-Anderson (Vail, Oregon) - 1985 Honda Accord

An accelerator question on her daughter

Call 2

Justin Cardusco (Warrensburg, Missouri) - 1992 Chevrolet Lumina

A brakes question. The ABS light goes on sporadically when he goes over a bump, or when he turns into a corner at moderate speed. The caliper (?) engages, duh, duh, duh. duh and then disengages. Bad ABS sensor, most likely.

Call 3

Kelly O'Brien (Denver, Colorado) - 2000 Volvo V40

A starting question. A year ago it wouldn

Call 4

Lilly Huston (Huntington, Indiana) - 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

Dump/keep or buy a new car? She

Call 5

Stefan Wright (Mount Arlington, New Jersey) - 2000 Subaru Forester

A transmission question. It was rebuilt 6 months ago by a transmission shop. It now revs and hesitates when shifting between 3rd and 4th. Could be as simple as a sticking solenoid. Clutch could be slipping. Take it to Subaru dealer for diagnosis, and then go back to tranny place while it

Call 6

Ani Dimosheva (Alameda, California) - 2000 Toyota Sienna

A brakes question. She steps on the brakes, and hears a clicking sound. or more like a coughing sound that starts out fast and slows down with car speed. (sfx) only happens when she taps the brake. took to shop and they said they couldn

Call 7

Lou Phillips (Boone, North Carolina) - 1996 Toyota RAV4

body/electrical/locks...door sticks and mechanism quits whenever it

Call 8

Jim Marsh (Evanston, Illinois) - 1997 Toyota Tercel

A vody/windshield question. He loaned it to bonehead nephew. Used broken bottle to scratch ice off windshield. Completely scratched, now like looking through a kaleidoscope. Can it be buffed out? Or should he replace the whole windshield? Can