Show Rundown

#0752: Behind The Grease

Original Air Date: 12.29.2007
Show Open Topic

Listeners ask personal questions of Tom and Ray.

Call 1

Ace Bethune (, Florida) - 1997 Ford F150

Bought it for a few hundred bucks, put new muffler in. Now, hesitates, and occasional fire underneath. Check engine light on. Could be plugged catalytic converter or bad sensor--needs to get it scanned to see where the problem is. Could be expensive. He loves the way he looks in it, so he may be better off just sitting in it.

Call 2

Corinne Henke (Radford, Virginia) - 2000 Nissan Sentra

Oil leak? Whenever she gets her oil changed, smoke pours out of vents for 20 minutes, smells weird for two weeks. Also, oil change places constantly break her dipsticks. Guys problem may just be from her driving around with broken dipsticks. That can cause oil to leak.

Call 3

Kevin Malling (, California) - 1962 Ford Thunderbird

An exhaust question. He loves his car, but gets sleepy after about a half hour of driving it. Is it leaking carbon monoxide? Quite possibly--guys say he can get a CO tester, likely has an exhaust leak which he needs to get fixed ASAP.

Call 4

Tina Madropolis (San Francisco, California) - Honda CR-V

Disagreement with husband--she rolled their CRV, 20 minutes after hitting a large object on the Bay Bridge. She thinks they

Call 5

Kirk Higgins (, Arizona) - 1992 Mazda Pickup

clutch/roadtrip question. He wants to drive his truck to Costa Rica. Is this advisable? Should he have clutch replaced first? Yes, he can drive it there, as long as he

Call 6

Meena Andrew (, North Carolina) - 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

The transmission on Meena

Call 7

John Rice (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) - Volkswagen

A safety question. He and his wife are adopting a baby. Safe to let the baby ride in the bug? Wife says no, but he thinks it