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#0803: As if Childbirth Wasn't Painful Enough!

Original Air Date: 01.19.2008
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Some funny titles for country songs.

Call 1

Joan Gutekampf (Willimette, Illinois) - 1990 Honda CRX

A suspension question. Her car makes a noise like

Call 2

Christopher Heron (Taos, New Mexico) - Ford F150

heating/cooling/engine.All the coolant drained out of his truck looked like it was coming from the fan clutch last week. So he put in a gallon of water in the system to see if it would drain out, and it didn

Call 3

Beth Goldstein Huxen (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) - 2002 Honda Civic

A heating/cooling question. She has a newborn that sits in the backseat facing the back window. What

Call 4

Cyndi Daniels (Hopewell, New Jersey) - 2005 Toyota Matrix

A fuel/gas tank question. Flap inside the gas compartment got twisted so you couldn

Call 5

Sandy Wollin (Crystal River, Florida) - Fiat

cks and struts. she lives in a hinkydink town. Someone can work on it, but can

Call 6

Kenneth Cramer (Palo Alto, California) - Subaru Legacy

A question about keys. Kenneth and family took two cars to New Years eve party. A valet attendant used their Dodge key to drive their Subaru. Kenneth wants to know if valet parker caused damage by jamming Dodge key in to ignition. Complete luck that this happened. Probably fine. Check the Dodge key to make sure it isn't bent and in danger of breaking.

Call 7

Linda Barlow (Denver, Colorado) - 1963 Ford Aerostar

Dump/keep the Ford Falcon. The car has been in the family since new. Husband wants to dump it because it

Call 8

Sam Luo (San Jose, California) - 2002 Audi A6

Call 9

Mary-Ellen Betson (Glen Rock, New Jersey) - 2004 Honda Accord

Bet wth a co-worker. She parks in