Show Rundown

#0804: The Shock of Winter

Original Air Date: 01.26.2008
Show Open Topic

These horses have no chance of ever winning thanks to their names.

Call 1

Melanie Hamblin (Shepardstown, West Virginia) - 2002 Chevrolet Impala

Melanie cooked her engine! 400 miles after getting an oil change, the light came on again. She's burning oil. What's going on? Does she needs a new engine or a ring job, or should she just keep adding oil?

Call 2

Eugene Moore (Santa Rosa, California) - 1976 Volkswagen Van

Eugene put in a new motor. Now, he has trouble starting in the morning. It takes forever to crank over. One son says it's the solenoid, other says battery. Eugene thinks it's the distributor. Are any of them right?

Call 3

Stephen Kimball (Hector, New York) - 2003 Toyota Sienna

The doors on Stephen's Sienna are freezing. The minivan is kept outside because the garage is inhabited by his wife

Call 4

Wesley Wilson (Charlotte, North Carolina) - 1999 Toyota Tacoma

Wesley's got a wheel/bearing/ball joint question. When backing up and turning the wheel clockwise out of a parking space, it makes a funny noise like

Call 5

Sarah Wilson (Windsor Locks, Connecticut) - Volkswagen

What's that horrible noise? The engine sounds like a rock in a disposal. Is this car even safe to be driving anyway?

Call 6

Mike Arnett (Indianapolis, Indiana) - 1994 Volvo 240

When he drives over snow and brakes, it feels like the brake system is clogged up with arctic ice. What's going on?

Call 7

Catheryn Kasic (Minneapolis, Minnesota) - 1994 Honda Civic

Catheryn gets a bad shock every time he opens door. He can actually see electric current running from handle to his hand! She doesn