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#0807: Geographic Undesirability and Other Auto-Relational Dilemmas

Original Air Date: 02.16.2008
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A news item from the Boston Globe: "Marriages endure when the husband does what the wife tells him."

Call 1

Brita (St. Paul, Minnesota) - 1988 Honda Accord

Car races at idle- had timing adjusted a few times, improves for a while, then starts racing again. Problem is the secondary throttle in the carburetor is stuck...when the guys adjusting the timing clean it, it unsticks, which is why it it works temporarily.

Call 2

Ari Kirschenbaum (Lincoln, Vermont) - 1985 Ford F350

It's a "plow truck

Call 3

Doug (San Francisco, California)

A brakes question. He had brake work done (new pads) and now there

Call 4

Lydia Wiggins (, Alabama) - 1993 Dodge Dynasty

High school sutdent, inherited this car. The key falls out of the ignition and car continues to run. Should she be concerned? Problem is likely just that it

Call 5

Ted (Ithaca, New York) - 1987 Dodge Van

Graduating from Ithaca College (Outdoor Studies major), getting married and moving to Alaska. Need to do anything to

Call 6

Jim Seneca (San Jose, California) - 1986 Toyota Pickup

rter..first cold start of the morning, starter keeps going even after the engine

Call 7

Kate and Aaron (Watertown, Massachusetts) - Suzuki Swift

High school sweethearts, now she