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#0808: Saint Anthony to the Rescue!

Original Air Date: 02.23.2008
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Amusing ads from Craigslist, including a time machine.

Call 1

Teresa Lewis (St Paul, Minnesota) - 1998 Ford Escort

ission question. Her car sounds like she

Call 2

John Van Clev (Golden, Colorado) - 1994 Honda Civic

A suspension/CV joint question. He tried to replace it with his dad, didn

Call 3

Gillian Marshall (Norwalk, Connecticut) - 2000 Subaru Forester

A transmission question. In 5th gear, it slips out of gear. Happens once in a while. When she eases off the accelerator, she can feel the stick pop out of gear. Perfect candidate for bungy cord attached to glove box. Or, transmission rebuild, because eventually it won

Call 4

Sharon O'Brien (Norfolk, Massachusetts) - 2000 Saab 9-3

Neighbor dropped keys with remote on commuter rail, dealer told her it would cost $2000 to replace. Too much? Guys said price sounded high, she should try another mechanic. Went to another mechanic, and got a quote for $600, so it

Call 5

Ben McNeil (Lynchburg, Virginia) - 2004 Nissan Altima

Heating/cooling question. It sounds like a creek running through the car when accelerate or turn. Car was totaled and repaired when he bought it. Could be water trapped in the housing of the evaporator unit. Drain may not be working properly. Could also be low coolant, or sunroof drains.

Call 6

Elise Myers (Dallas, Texas) - 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser

An engine/transmission question. At a stop at a red light, it shakes and shimmies and makes all these crazy noises like it

Call 7

Matt Dell (New Haven, Connecticut) - 2000 Honda CR-V

An electrical/engine/kill switch question. He

Call 8

Peter Tilsley (Eugene, Oregon) - Volkswagen

Airbag question. He also has a Beetle and Volvo truck, all with airbags. He