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#0810: Stop Laughing, Kozbi! This Is Serious Business!

Original Air Date: 03.08.2008
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From "Cheese Problems Solved" to "Living with Crazy Buttocks," we've got a list of the oddest book titles ever - thanks to Bookseller Magazine.

Call 1

Mary Brandt (Lake Park, Iowa) - 1998 Ford Windstar

Some thing is going on with Mary's gas tank. It sounds like it's releasing air and either growling or farting. It

Call 2

Joseph Wolyniak (Chapel Hill, North Carolina) - 1992 Toyota Camry

Joseph's got a steering/power steering question. When it

Call 3

Kozbi Simmons (Belcamp, Maryland) - 1996 Toyota RAV4

When it gets below freezing, the driver-side door won

Call 4

Emily Jessup (Indianapolis, Indiana) - 1995 Mazda 626


Call 5

Paul McCarthy (Leicester, Massachusetts) - Chevrolet

Paul uses it to plow. When he backs up in four-wheel drive, it sounds like Popeye. It goes,

Call 6

Sang Onk (New Haven, Connecticut) - 2006 Kia Spectra

She lives one mile from work. Her boyfriend says driving less than 5 miles in cold weather is bad for the car, so she usually drives around town to make the trip longer. Is he right?

Call 7

Juan McKelvey (Phoenix, Arizona) - 2003 Buick Regal

Sometimes the key will not release out of the ignition when he stops. He has to wait in the driveway for 10 minutes before he hears a click, and it releases.

Call 8

Janice Eisler (Silomar, California) - 2006 Toyota RAV4

Her husband moved to Tehatchepee and she goes to see him on weekends which requires driving down long hills in ice and snow. She