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#0811: Frozen Orange Juice Cans, an E String, and Musician's Duct Tape

Original Air Date: 03.15.2008
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The wisdom of Homer. Simpson, that is.

Call 1

Fletch (Muir Beach, California) - 1989 Honda Prelude

Got muffler replaced, then started hearing a droning whining sound coming from the rear driver-side wheel, when he

Call 2

Laura Rear (Washington, District Of Columbia) - 2000 Hyundai Accent

A heating question... when she turns on the heat, the fan makes a noise like,

Call 3

Jay Zambeli (Portland, Oregon) - 2002 Saturn SL

A green/physics/heating/energy/relationship question. Sometimes to make the trip fun, he and his girlfriend drive with he windows down and the heat cranked. GF thinks it

Call 4

Heidi Love (Seattle, Washington) - 1998 Honda Civic

An engine/timing belt question. 98k miles on it, but she just had the 90k checkup. Mechanic told her it

Call 5

Courtney Becker (Metamora, Michigan) - 2005 Toyota Matrix

engine/idle/racing question. When the car has been sitting in the cold and she cold-starts it, the rpms surge while it

Call 6

Michael Hackett (Minneapolis, Minnesota) - 1999 Toyota RAV4

Stump the Chuimps. High pitched whine coming from front wheel area, when it

Call 7

Jessica Haddad (Boston, Massachusetts) - 1999 Porsche Boxster

A body/heating/cooling question. The drains clogged, and now the dealer wants to charge $1500 to clean them out. Necessary? Can she get it done cheaper? Guys tell her to do the paper towel test to see if floor is wet. Take it to an independent shop and get it done for cheaper....but get it done, or mold spores will form.

Call 8

Daniel Ratcliffe (Eliot, Maine) - 1996 Ford Windstar

An exhaust/radiator/catalytic converter question. The car rattles and leaks exhaust. Is there a home remedy? In an ideal world, he should unbolt the flanged section, discard it, and then bolt in with a new part. Or have it welded. But, since he