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#0813: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Xanax!

Original Air Date: 03.29.2008
Show Open Topic

Ray tells a story about his son Louis' recent birthday party... and what went wrong.

Call 1

Vicki Bentley (Atchinson, Kansas) - 1998 Ford Taurus

Steering/Power Steering leak on car with 160k. She has to keep replacing the power steering fluid; it will get low within 30 mi. and start making a

Call 2

James Fishelson (New Iberia, Louisiana) - Dodge

An engine and roadtrip/driving question. He

Call 3

Justine Schultz (Prescott, Arizona) - 2001 Toyota Corolla

Wheel noise. Her left front wheel makes a high-pitched bird chirping noise. it speeds and slows with the acceleration. Probably just a warped brake disk or warped drum. But, she never takes car in--she

Call 4

Chris Snyder (Olympia, Washington) - 1992 Subaru Legacy

A transmission/fuel/brakes question. He wants to keep car running, so he can hand it down to his son, who is now 5. Car intermittently de-accelerates, almost like the brakes come on, when he turns. And then, when he parks the car the car rocks back and forth repeatedly. De-acceleration is probably just the car downshifting, and rocking is just wear on the parking pawl. Neither one is serious...Tom calls him a wacko for planning to hold onto it, but Ray talks about handing the Colt Vista down to Drew.

Call 5

Josh Erlandsen (San Antonio, Texas) - 1998 Chevrolet Metro

A transmission question. He

Call 6

Wendy Lopez-Swiatek (Rochester, New York) - 2008 Jeep Liberty

A buying question. She and her kids fell in love with a Jeep Liberty, and now she