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#0815: Goodbye Vito

Original Air Date: 04.12.2008
Show Open Topic

In memory of Vito: Ray shares a few, favorite stories about his dear, departed pal Vito.

Call 1

Dana Sheridan (, Virginia)

transmission. In first gear, car jerks violently back and forth. Mechanic said meter box was gummy, cleaned it out but it didn't help. Tom and Ray suggest retarding the timing. If that doesn't work, she could need a new clutch.

Call 2

Rich Greenway (Shelbyville, Kentucky)

Dashboard. His wedding band was on top of the dashboard, then fell into the abyss. Is there an easy way to get up behind the dashboard? Tom and Ray suggest he get an exploratory scope to find it, and then fish it out.

Call 3

Sharon Spector (Baltimore, Maryland)

A fuel question. Several mechanics told cousin that she should only use one brand of gasoline, so she always drives to Costco to fill-up. Myth or not? Tom and Ray say that's a myth.

Call 4

Jane Hanson (Athol, Idaho)

Transmission. When she tries to punch it into overdrive, it jumps and bucks. Guys say it's a classic high speed miss, likely caused by poor spark. Could just need spark plugs cleaned, or could need a new coil.

Call 5

Andrew Searle (, Massachusetts)

Windshield. The washer fluid shoots up from bottom and doesn't clean whole windshield in the back. Can he do anything to boost the power? Ray suggests pinching the hose to increase pressure. Tom suggest trying to change the squirt angle.

Call 6

Mark Loop (, Oklahoma)

Speedometer cable. He's getting a greasy discharge over by the gas pedal. It's getting all over his clothes and smells bad. Tom and Ray say it's probably transmission fluid leaking onto the speedo cable.

Call 7

Sarah Kadden (New Haven, Connecticut)

Electrical. She used dad's car to jump start another car. now the windows won't roll down. Is it her fault? Tom and Ray say she's not to blame but it's the window regulator that's busted and it needs to be fixed.

Call 8

Mark Tomeo (Danville, Pennsylvania)

Driving. He likes to "straighten out the curves." It makes his wife crazy. He says it's efficient, saves gas, like race car drivers. Guys say he's wacko.