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#0818: The Kamikaze Porsche of Radium Springs

Original Air Date: 05.03.2008
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From "Foreign Accent Syndrome" to "Foreign Language Syndrome," Tom and Ray share the story of a most curious accident outcome.

Call 1

Christy Myers (Washington, District Of Columbia) - 1993 Honda Accord

clutch/power steering question. Replaced the clutch a month ago, now her car makes a sort of sqealing noise noise whenever she goes around a corner. Cllutch job was done 100 miles from where she lives, mechanic said it was

Call 2

Jim Hendrick (Virginia, Minnesota) - Jeep

A brakes/transmission question. When he puts the car in neutral, it feels like there

Call 3

Christy Myers (Washington, District Of Columbia) - 1993 Honda Accord

Follow up call during the show: Back from test--didn

Call 4

Len Salter (, ) - 1985 Volvo 240

electrical...When he

Call 5

Jim Hendrick (Virginia, Minnesota) - Jeep

Returns from experiemnt. Jacked it up, back right tire was locked up. Wheel cylinder is probably seized and need to be replaced.

Call 6

Jean Williams (Radium Springs, New Mexico) - 1983 Porsche 944

She parked the car in her driveway, left itn reverse, w/ parking brake on. When she went back out a few hours later. car had moved backwards (uphill), almost off a clif. Why would the car want to commit suicide? Maybe starter motor energized by itself. Battery was dead when they got it. Emergency brake may have saved the car. Starter moved the car a foot at a time. Get a new battery and starter, should be okay.

Call 7

Jonathan Bartlett (San Francisco, California) - 1998 Volkswagen Passat

Suspension question. It makes a whooshing sound like a jet airplane coming from the front of the car, only when up to highway speed, almost like something is grinding. Front end noise. Left front wheel bearing is gone. Fix it ASAP, it

Call 8

Becky Preciado (Portland, Oregon) - 1999 Ford Taurus

A transmission/overdrive question. In overdrive off light comes on, flashing at you, speedo stops working, car will only go up to 20 mph. revs to 4 -5k. The transmission is not making the shift out of 1st. Likely, electrical. Check engine light is on, too. Could be as simple as the vehicle speed sensor. Scan of engine codes will tell whether that

Call 9

Matthew Kanitz (Columbus, Ohio) - 1996 Saturn SL

A belt question. There is a squealing noise coming from the engine while driving. If he turns the ignition off and on quickly, squealing goes away for 15 minutes then comes back. Suggests that he might just need to replace the belt. He could have a faulty alternator bearing. Also tell him to take it to a mechanic for a service checkup.

Call 10

Susan Bishop (New York, New York) - 1999 BMW 323

Driving/clutch question. Her 26 year old niece and boyfriend offered to drive it from FL to NY, but neither know how to drive a clutch. She wants them to take a lesson. They say they