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#0820: Tanis and the Hydroxy'd Caravan

Original Air Date: 05.18.2008
Show Open Topic

25 years later, Toby confesses to Tom and Ray.

Call 1

Barbara Einzig (Baltimore, Maryland) - 2001 Subaru Forester

An engine/head gasket/coolant leak question. Her engine has a very slow leak. Mechanic found source of leak around head gasket, but she wants to know if she could just keep refilling coolant rather than paying $1,800 to replace. Common problem for Subarus of this era. Needs to get it fixed

Call 2

Sara Whittington (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) - 1999 Honda Accord

A transmission/auto gear shift. Twice a year, every year, she can

Call 3

Drew (Cranberry, New Jersey) - 2002 Chevrolet Prizm

A body/cosmetic/marital problem. It

Call 4

Melissa Lawson (Woodbridge, Connecticut) - 2008 Ford Taurus

An airbags/safety/dump/keep question. She

Call 5

Sven Nystrom (Lake Worth, Florida)

A buying/relationship question. It

Call 6

Rane (Seattle, Washington) - 1994 Isuzu Trooper

An engine question. Trouble accelerating beyond 30 moh while getting on highway, or climbing. Also makes a horrible kerchunking sound. Noise doesn

Call 7

Jason Buchanan (Hillsboro, North Carolina) - 1991 Honda Accord

A transmission/electrical question that happened after he let his wife drive the car for a couple of days, and she inadvertently engaged the sport transmission mode. When she saw that it was engaged, she thought she had to shift gears. It

Call 8

Kelly Field (Chapel Hill, North Carolina) - 2002 MINI Cooper

A clutch/engine/transmission question. In the cold, when she starts the car in 1st gear the clutch makes a sound like,

Call 9

Tim (Providence, Rhode Island) - 1998 Saturn SL

Windshield wipers/wiper motor question. The wipers won

Call 10

Tanis Morris (Washougal, Washington) - 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan

Her husband wants to convert her minivan to a hydrogen fuel cell car. Is he crazy? John, the husband, getsd on the line, explains that he