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#0822: The Easy Way up Mount Everest

Original Air Date: 05.31.2008
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"Hey, watch this!" What happens when a German barbeque goes seriously awry.

Call 1

Cameron Cooke (, Connecticut) - 2000 Volkswagen Jetta

When Cameron starts her car, it makes a horrible screeching noise. It

Call 2

Bill Bukowski (Sanford, Maine) - 1995 Ford Probe

Bill's trying to fix up this car for his sons. Whenever you hit the gas, it coughs, bucks, nearly dies, but doesn

Call 3

Alethea O'Toole (Hilo, Hawaii) - 1996 Nissan Sentra

Alethea's husband worked on the brakes. Now the speedometer and odometer aren't working. Did he do this? Or is it just a fluke? Oh, and the airbag and check engine lights are both on, too.

Call 4

Nancy (Albany, California) - 1996 Subaru Legacy

A brakes question. Her daughter wants to use the car in San Francisco. But when Nancy stops on a downhill, the brakes grind metal on metal. She recently had the car serviced and the brake pads had 5mm of pad on them. Is that enough?

Call 5

Jep Streit (Brookline, Massachusetts) - 1996 Toyota Corolla

Jep's got an ethical/engine question. He had his timing belt replaced and two days later, the car died. The camshaft had broken. Was the failure related to the timing belt change? Or is his mechanic a sinner? Jep should know... he's of the cloth!

Call 6

Courtney DeLong (Los Angeles, California) - 2004 Toyota RAV4

A transmission/engine question. The engine grinds when she puts foot back on gas after coasting up/down hills. Has been happening more and more in the last three months. Maintenance light just came on. Happens between 20-30 mph. Loose heat shield. It should be easy to locate at a shop, with someone underneath the raised vehicle. Cheap repair.

Call 7

Ashley Gray (Portland, Oregon) - 2002 Ford Explorer

Brakes question. It lumber/jerk when she brakes from slow speeds. It slows down every 5 feet, jerky. She had brakes replaced a year ago. It

Call 8

Van Fletcher (Raleigh, North Carolina) - 1997 Honda Accord

Van's got a suspension question. When it

Call 9

Mara Horan (Poland, New York)

Mara's got a fuel economy/is my husband right question. Where they live, there