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#0824: Into the Abyss of the Diff

Original Air Date: 06.14.2008
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What women really look for in guys, when it comes to cars.

Call 1

Joanna Hicks (, Minnesota) - 2004 Subaru Forester

Her brakes were recently replaced. Now they make a "wow, wow, wow," winding noise on the front right side, when she

Call 2

Glen Laurent (Lakewood, Colorado) - 1993 Toyota Tercel

engine.... horrible grinding sound from engine. Last legs? 185K As car warms up, noise goes away. Far worse in the winter. Burning a quart of oil every 3k. Ray thinks it

Call 3

Jason Stangel (Fountain Hills, Arizona) - 1996 Land Rover Discovery

A differential question. He blew air in to differential to clean it out, and the small rubber end of his air gun fell in to the differential. Does he need to get it out, or will his differential rush it out eventually? Tom and Ray thought that the differential will probably crush it.

Call 4

Erin Hildebrand (, Washington) - 1972 Chevrolet Pickup

A fuel/ transmission/vacuum leak question. The car misses, chugs. It still drives, though. Feels as if she has to work really hard to get gas to it. Chugs even more when she shifts gears. Recently had points and condenser replaced. Tom and Ray thought that the guy who did it, may not have adjusted them properly, which is likely cause of problem. Need an older mechanic.

Call 5

Gillian Hans (Brooklyn, New York) - 2005 Toyota RAV4

A heating/cooling question. After 45 minutes, air stops blowing, whether heat or AC is on. Sounds like blower motor is conking out, even though it sounds like it

Call 6

Wayne Askew (Fairbury, Illinois)

A fuel question about rust in his take. He.cleaned it out with muriatic acid and it comes back. He would like to drive from Illinois to Salt Lake City but it dies because tank gets clogged with rust. Any advice? Tom and Ray thought that once the tanks starts rusting, nothing you can really do about it. Can keep using air filters--multiple air filters, and replacing when the truck dies. Otherwise, go to a junkyard and get a new tank.

Call 7

Elizabeth Lucky (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) - 2003 Saturn Vue

An engine question. There is a tremendous amount of engine noise in the car. Like a jet engine. It

Call 8

Charlie Hall (Fulton, Mississippi) - 1999 Chrysler Town & Country

An engine/belt question. The serpentine belt is squeaking (eeeeeEEEEEE) by the water pump. He replaced the water pump, belt, but didn

Call 9

Faye Fisher Ward (Minneapolis, Minnesota) - 1992 Ford Aerostar

The catalytic converter needs to be replaced. Van keeps stalling. Dad says, just poke a hole in it. Guys say, no, that