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#0825: A Beetle is Not a Pinata

Original Air Date: 06.21.2008
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Where's My Car? A Car Talk listener follows Tom and Ray's advice. Oh no!

Call 1

Anne Marie Blaire (Columbus, Ohio) - 2002 Saab 9-3

Her car makes a really loud noise, and it

Call 2

Eric Hopkins (Oakland, Maine)

He and his wife bought it 5 years ago as wedding gift for each other. Now, it won

Call 3

Singrid Stile (Dallas, Texas) - 2004 Ford Crown Victoria

A suspension question. Just moved from Baltimore. Replaced the struts and shocks because it

Call 4

Jennifer Boswell (Van Nuys, California) - Volkswagen

Should she dump or salvage this lemon? Can she sell sell certain parts, then take it to a field and let people whack at it for fun?

Call 5

Eric Siegel (Providence, Rhode Island) - 1999 Honda Civic

An AC/defroster question. He and his wife have a disagreement over defrosting in the winter. His wife thinks he needs to run defroster with AC engaged. He says it doesn

Call 6

Tatjana Sitt (, California) - 1993 Ford Escort

Tatjana's got a question about a noise she's hearing. It sounds like a squeaky hamster wheel coming from interior of car when she accelerates. It happens over 15mph and goes faster as the car goes faster. Help!

Call 7

Howard Starrett (Laurel, Maryland) - 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Howard's got a steering column question. The car makes a

Call 8

Lisa (, California) - 2004 Toyota Sienna

Electrical Question. Her kids shoved quarters in the CD player and now it won't work. Will she get electrocuted if she tries to get them out with tweezers?

Call 9

Dylan McComiskey (Clackamas, Oregon) - 1988 Toyota Pickup

A noise. His mom borrowed the car for 16 years and just gave it back. His brothers also drove it, and convinced him the timing chain is making a noise. But it